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- Article by Frances Bertha (On The Road In Italy), November 2011, published in various magazines:

  • La Repubblica, category "Diari di Viaggio".
  • L'Espresso, category "Via con me".
  • ViaggiScoop, portal travel stories.
  • Vanity Fair,, Internet portal of the journal.
  • Donna Moderna, Internet portal of the weekly.
  • LeiWeb, category Viaggi (Internet portal of women's magazines Amica, A, Io Donna - weekly of Corriere della Sera).

We are at Orbregno for dinner at "Il Ritrovo", the restaurant was born in 1984.
"At that time there was nothing here, we were the first pizzeria in the area outside the city. We started in an old farmhouse, and after years of work we moved to this structure, "explains Mr. Anthony, Tony said, while we walk around the room in the spacious garden, surrounded by green lawns and gardens cultivated by the family. We are a green oasis, which is green from the point of view of energy: on the broad roofs of the shine Restaurant recently built photovoltaic panels, which allow the structure to be independent in the use of electricity.
In the spacious hall we welcome Mrs. Angela and Mrs. Anna, mom and wife of Antonio, as well as their children Federica and Richard. The heat has made the white inner wall of the oven, and here we are starting to crank out delicious pizza, great strength of the club, which also proposes to take away. Then we taste the wonderful pizzas Meeting, richly flavored, while some of us choose the Vegetarian, an explosion of fantasy, with lots of vegetables. Spelt also taste the pizza, made with organic flour, ideal for a diet low in gluten.
Many of us, while tasting pizzas, they decide not to give up taste the specialties of the Restaurant, starting with a rich appetizer which includes, among other things, eggs stuffed with sauce, cake, vegetables, rolls of ham in jelly, the capricious tuna, tomini flavorings. Also we taste the cheese and salami served on a board that read "from the wood tones."
We follow these dumplings made by Anna from goodness, topped with pesto prepared with basil from the garden, ravioli with wine sauce and pansotti the nuts. Also we enjoy excellent fresh orecchiette and cavatelli, homemade. In the space between the second choice of grilled meats, the veal chops, lamb ribs, tenderloin with pepper and grilled sausages, while some of us enjoy the filet of perch steamed and fried calamari. Washed down with Dolcetto d'Ovada hills of Prasco, and with a few glasses of good Cortese in the area.
traduzioni Crowned with a gourmet dinner this socket with chestnut cream and whipped cream, tiramisu, the nougat parfait, meringue and the chocolate salami.
At Meeting we felt like we were guests of friends, family and not in a public place. Happy to return here at the first opportunity, happy to find this too great warmth. "

- Article taken from the October 30, 2011 L'Ancora, Weekly information of Acqui Terme, published since 1903.

Click on the image to download the complete issue in pdf, L'Ancora No 40/2011

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