Our environmental commitment

The solar plant under construction

Ecological commitment, my family, was born far away.

As a child I suffered at the sight of illegal dumping that in the 60s were a little 'everywhere... I lived at that time in Genoa Quezzi. I enjoyed the outskirts of the nature of the Ligurian hills but they were contaminated by landfill along the roads leading to the heights.

They were basically dumps of building materials, carcasses of cars and motorcycles, etc...
A mess!

We must also remember that there were no bins and household rubbish was piled up near the condos.
Other times, other minds and knowledge.

The photovoltaic system terminated

I never put up with much that involves dirty beaches my friends, with whom I go on vacation, in the collection of garbage on the sand (think, still continue to frequent!).

When did Recycling, I am now a believer, but in campaign is known, it is easier, since you can easily pick up and throw it in the wet organic manure.

The wood is used as fuel, the paper (no magazines, insert the ones in the container Grasscycling) is used to light the fire.

The waste of the preparation of vegetables become food for the hens, which eggs give us exceptional.

Obviously glass in glass, plastic in the plastic.

The photovoltaic system terminated

But the interest in the environment was beyond ... in the 80s there was much talk of solar panels for hot water production plant and some roofs happened to see him.
It also began to hear of panels that would produce electrical energy, science fiction!
Yet "it was the year" in 1958 when it was put into orbit the first satellite powered by solar cells, that had been the beginning.

In 1984 I used a Casio calculator solar cell and I was convinced that it would be entirely possible to use the sun's energy for greater things, was enough to expand and multiply the cells. I followed carefully when the subject appeared in television science but in practice, nothing more than the calculators of photovoltaic panels for campers or you could not buy anything.

The photovoltaic system terminated

In the 90s, while I build my house, I try other information. Franco, the electrician that makes me the electrical system, show me a catalog of photovoltaic kits in low voltage to the island, expensive and cumbersome management, we are still far!
In the meantime, my friend Alessandro gave me a book: Energy from the sun, prospects of photovoltaic energy in Italy. Published in 1992.
I understand that we, the PV really exist but we have to wait until it comes out the first decree to be able to enter the energy into the electricity grid: is 2005.

Since that time off in search and believe it or not I struggled to find someone who could fulfill myself the plant for my house, it is the year 2007 when I can, beginning at home and install a plant of 4.2 kWp.
A few years later, when I had the chance, I installed a 20 kWp on Il Ritrovo.

I produce the necessary energy from sunlight... I find it a great thing, and without polluting.

If you need information you know where to find me :-)

The streetlight installed by us at the junction for Orbregno

The infinite power of the sun, natural and clean, with a photovoltaic system is transformed into electricity always available for use.