Welcome by Anna & Toni

Our restaurant is open to all those who are lovers of simple and genuine cuisine, in the quiet countryside of Monferrato.

The Passion of My Father Adolfo for the campaign, the land and the garden we had pushed for years to learn the techniques of cultivation and storage of products, bread baked in the oven, obviously built by us, the paste of flour durum wheat grown and milled by us later in the mill stone of the Redwing, ferried us inexorably in the restaurant so that in 1983 a summer evening a phrase marked our journey so far: "Why do not we open a pizza place?"

Founded in 1984 as a small pizza restaurant, with hard work and commitment we have received over the years a multitude of customers, which allowed us to grow professionally and above all gave us the opportunity to create the framework in which we work today.

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Some of our dishes...

Dish after dish, brick by brick we built, also by the physical point of view, Il Ritrovo of Orbregno.

Unaware undertake the activity in the house "Biagin" (pronounced Biasein) one of the oldest in the country, that some older we had disclosed that a story saying that "Ca Biagin was a pile of stones and we had dug in to make a home". My father and I, then a student in the school for surveyors, we had just finished a renovation to live here already had to re-scale the use of the pizza restaurant. We left with nothing but little, and really want to do!

Many criticized us, supported us a lot, we hear only the second and... we are still here after 40 years, thanks guys, friends who were coming and then you attend now!

Those who have accompanied us on this adventure! I hope that many of them can recognize in these lines of Orbregno moments lived in the pizzeria, I could not name them all, some kids then, now come and tell their children: "we came here with boyfriends ..."

The restaurant pizzeria Il Ritrovo

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